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2017 Goals In Review

I made it blogging once or twice a month this year (minus January) and frankly, am amazed that I followed through. Finishing posts out for 2017 in the nick of time!

Here were my goals for 2017:

1. Read bible assignment daily and write notes. SO much YES! I started going to bible study in January twice a month and have learned so much. I also started meeting once a week in the mornings with friend that has been willing to teach me even more. I can't say enough about how this has changed me for the better. 
2. Learn BodyPump 99 and embrace instructing. Turns out, this has been harder for me than anticipated. I did pass instructor training, apparently 4 times is a charm? It's been difficult to focus on learning new tracks to teach, it's truly a daily commitment that I have a hard time doing. Still sticking with it and will see how things go this year. It's definitely taught me a lot about my muscles and that consistency is key! 
3. Family Blog Creation: I'd played around …