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The sickness.

Oh man, it was a rough week in this household. The little lady was sent home Monday morning from daycare with a slight temp. Johnny stayed home with her that day and I stayed with her Tuesday because of the temp she still had (it only ever got to about 100.5) and to the doctor we went that day. They checked her over and basically couldn't find a thing wrong! Frustrated.

Wednesday she seemed back to our normal and so off to daycare she went. Wednesday night she woke up around 2 am screaming and nothing at all could console her. Bless him, Johnny got up with her and rocked her downstairs for a while until she fell asleep. Her temp seemed to stay up all day and luckily we were able to get her into the doctor that day, to find out she has an ear infection. Poor baby had been battling it for a few days by then! Just as she started to feel better I started getting a nasty cold and sinus infection. Sigh.... I just wish we could open the windows and air things out. Spring can't get he…