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Lately, life has been really busy. I've always been a busy body and unable to just...relax, but lately it seems I can't finish anything and am all over and anxious. Picture this: a whole weekend ahead of you with lots to get done and you can't seem to finish one task and go on to the next, instead you start the dishes, give the baby a bottle and end up watching recorded shows on DVR,  then remember you need to make your lunch for the next day, etc.. It goes on and on, I'm sure it sounds pathetic (ok, it does) but I need to figure out what I want/need to do and how/when to do it without feeling anxious or overwhelmed in an efficient manner. In my work and personal life, this is something I need to work on and will be thinking of ways to work smarter/faster/better so I have time to relax! Sigh.

Alright, people - our daughter turned 4 months old this weekend. You're shocked and can't believe where the time went, I know. Lately, she's started babbling and giggl…