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Nursery Tour

Here is Roslynne's nursery tour!

Let's just be honest, her room was a disaster before we started remodeling:

Painting primer around all that junk. Gross. Notice those windows above (old. boo.) and below (new!)
New windows and floors re-done! Shall we give some props to Johnny?
It was basically an extra room that we used to dump stuff that we didn't have a place for, needless to say, it took a long time to get rid of all of that stuff and find homes for the stuff we wanted to keep! I believe one weekend we were watching something on HGTV and saw wainscoting, Johnny said he thought he could make his own for her room. So, first off I painted the room the coffee color you see there and months later (after ripping out her closet and completely re-doing it AND putting in new windows, the wainscoting was put in!)

Now for the fun part. First up, the crib:
On St. Patrick's day 2011, I traveled to an Amish community with my mother and sister in law and we found this beauty way …