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Dead arm.

Writing one handed tonight because this kid decided it was the only way she'd stop crying. We're going on two hours without moving. I promise, she's still breathing - I might just lose circulation in my arm.
This weekend Roslynne met Drew for the first time, he really really likes her. He would only give her to me if she needed changed. Thanks. She also met Drew's girl friend Becca, we're definitely fans of her - super sweet. Drew if you're reading this, don't mess up.

It also happened to be the week of the fair. I had bought Blake Shelton tickets in January for the heck of it, not thinking we'd be able to go -but Roz decided to make her appearance a few weeks early and we were able to go! But, by 10 pm I was ready to go home to that baby.

(first beer in a while, also- please note my fat pants.)
Roslynne has to get her hearing rechecked tomorrow, which means we have to go to Cedar Rapids by ourselves. Pray for me. But! We're going to go see my co-…