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The End is Near!

We have exactly one more day being baby-less, at least that's the plan. We go in early Tuesday morning for me to be induced! We're both working tomorrow, although I'm wishing I'd have just started my leave tomorrow, but oh well, I need to finish up some things that I wouldn't want others to have to do for me.

What did we do our last weekend as a couple? Friday night we went to dinner with my mom and step-dad and then rented 21 Jump Street and it was pretty hilarious! Saturday morning Johnny went to work while I and my mom made at least a month or more of frozen meals for us after baby comes. We made Swedish Meatballs, Veggie Lasagna, Maidrites, chicken pot pies, chicken and wild rice and I think a few other things that I can't think of! My mom was sure motivated, I ran out of steam real quick! Then, Saturday afternoon we went to the POOL for 2 hours and that night went to a mexican restaurant with some friends and then out for a water cocktail afterwards. SO fu…