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30 & 31 Weeks and XX things we've done lately

Since I last posted, we've done the following (in no particular order):

Turned 30 weeks!
Cringing at the fact that this was two weeks ago and I can't remember anything in particular about turning 30 weeks, besides that this marks single digit weeks left!
Turned 31 weeks!
This week I had a regular check-up with the doc, after measuring me they thought I was measuring a little on the small side. She ordered an ultrasound and non-stress test for the next day. I was a little shook up that this meant something was wrong, but after the ultrasound and test we checked out just fine! I don't have high-blood pressure, so they predicted we'll just have a little baby - easier to push out, right?! Another stress test was scheduled for next Friday, just to keep an eye on the size and heart beat of the baby. Yesterday I went on a tour of Mercy Hospital's birthing floor and I happened to mention they think we'll have a small baby, after telling them the size baby was at they s…