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So....on a scale on 1-10, what would you rate my chances of getting another frie would be?

That's what Trice just said to me anyways.
Pretty good weekend at this house. Friday night started with grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup:
 And, we both stayed awake long enough to watch Limitless, this crazy story about a guy (played by Bradley Cooper...mmmm) who finds a drug to make him think clearer and work faster - I won't say anymore, but it was pretty good! Johnny is good at picking out movies.

Saturday started with one very cute little girls birthday party, my friend Ashley's daughter Makayla:
Isn't that tutu freaking adorable?!
Awesome cake!
We ended the night going to a friends' housewarming party, and I'm just realizing we didn't take any pictures.
Today I ran to Cedar Rapids with my mom and grandma (which seems to never happen anymore) and got some new maternity clothes and baby hat patterns for grandma.
Ended the trip with Cold Stone ice cream: Now they have fro-yo! Banana Chocolate Indulengce.

I finally ended the weekend by putting our ultrasou…