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Oh baaaby, I wanna get witchya and take 'you pictchya!

Yeah, we had an ultrasound this week. Oh, you say you want to see pictures?

I realize we're both tall, but don't those legs look really long?!
Poor thing is going to have giant feet!
We don't know the sex, per Johnny's request! The doc got him or her to wiggle around a lot, and even said he (yes, I think it's a boy) weighs 10 oz. already! 19 weeks shot 20 weeks!
Even though I'm getting a small "belly" I still feel smushy, I figured it would be firm right away? So, of course I googled this and from what I've read is it won't start hardening for another few weeks. I guess that makes sense, once the baby takes up too much room it will have to become a little more firm!
baby room update :)

In the meantime, I dressed Trice up like an old lady. She did pretty well.
Good night!