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Mashed Potatoes and BBQ Chicken

I dont know. Couldn't think of a better title. But it is what I'm making for dinner. I'm blogging and making dinner all at once, wow.

We made progress this weekend. Well, Johnny did.

Here is the baby's closet in stages:
Johnny had ripped out the walls before I got a chance to take a picture, but it was BAD! He tore it down to the studs. Ok, maybe I was also taking a picture of his butt.

I'd been working on this post for a week, I couldn't get the photos to load! But, I found a tutorial on how to load them in SECONDS instead of HOURS. Basically, you load them to your Picasa album first and then when you go to load a photo in your blog, just choose "Load from my Picasa album". So much better!  Sorry for the random order of photos, but in them you'll see progress on the closet, a few pictures of Trice AND paintings I started for the baby room - I'm hoping to paint all sorts of animals on those little canvases and make a collage. I hope it turns out…