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I loooove Saturday mornings!

Good moooorning!

I just sat down with oatmeal and a decaf coffee, and am watching Ree on her Food Network show! (mmmm Marlboro Man!) Saturday mornings are the best. Agree? My favorite thing to do is get up super early, make a healthier-than-normal breakfast, workout and watch A&E's home improvement shows and/or the Food Network.

Lately, I haven't been doing the working out part as much. I take that back. I have been at the gym at least 6 days a week, as usual. Since I've been pregnant, I've been extremely cautious on what I should and shouldn't do. The doctor told me to just do the "talk-test", which means I should be able to comfortably talk throughout a workout. That still doesn't make me feel too comfortable about it. So, I've pretty much ruled out running much, besides - I have to pee every minute while I DO run. Elliptical and biking it is - although  I can't even seem to get a sweat worked up on those!

I've comforted myself by…

It's new, baby!

I just spent an hour researching how to post a slideshow of these photos, so you don't have to scroll -with no luck! Below, the photos show our (I really did nothing to help) weekend project! The first few show the before pictures, and the others are the after shots. The before pictures almost look like the floor is dusty, but that's just how it was! It's super shiny now, and we just took the first steps. We're keeping Trice out of the area, and we've put up road blocks so she doesn't go in there. Johnny says we need to leave it sans-furniture for a whole week! So, this afternoon I spent some time rearranging the kitchen table in the kitchen (sounds normal, I know. But, there's no room in our actual kitchen - the table usually resides in the dining room!). Luckily, I was able to squeeze it in next to the booth we have on the other end of the kitchen.
Dust! Everything was coated from the dust after they sanded. I tried to clean some things up and it's lo…

Mashed Potatoes and BBQ Chicken

I dont know. Couldn't think of a better title. But it is what I'm making for dinner. I'm blogging and making dinner all at once, wow.

We made progress this weekend. Well, Johnny did.

Here is the baby's closet in stages:
Johnny had ripped out the walls before I got a chance to take a picture, but it was BAD! He tore it down to the studs. Ok, maybe I was also taking a picture of his butt.

I'd been working on this post for a week, I couldn't get the photos to load! But, I found a tutorial on how to load them in SECONDS instead of HOURS. Basically, you load them to your Picasa album first and then when you go to load a photo in your blog, just choose "Load from my Picasa album". So much better!  Sorry for the random order of photos, but in them you'll see progress on the closet, a few pictures of Trice AND paintings I started for the baby room - I'm hoping to paint all sorts of animals on those little canvases and make a collage. I hope it turns out…

Happy New Year!

So much to catch up on from our last post!

But, first: We're expecting! I'm due July 12th, and I feel the time will fly by. We'd been trying since April of this year and are so happy to announce our good news. Although, is it overwhelming telling people this! Hands down, every time I was on the verge of telling someone, I will almost start to cry and can't quite get the words out of my mouth. Don't ask me why this happens, but I don't appreciate it! Or, the increased heart rate! I'm glad that part is over now :)

We (well, Johnny) has been re-doing the "office" this fall, that will now be the baby room. I don't really plan to have a theme, but hope to make a few paintings that will look good on the coffee colored walls. So much to think about! Especially day care, I'm not sure where to start but I know we need to start looking soon!

Ok, here's what we've been up to since Thanksgiving!

Holly and I went to Winona, MN to pick up Christm…