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Memories of my grandpa

Here's my attempt at something more in depth... My brothers and I spent A LOT of time at our grandparent's house growing up, and luckily I have many memories of those days. I happened to find a frame my mom gave me a while ago with the pictures below, of me and my grandpa, I'll find some of my grandma and I as well. I realize I was one cute kid (right?) in fact, as you see below, I believe I tried to smile that big just to see how big I could make my smile. I wish I still smiled like that!
I'll just make a list of the most memorable things from those days (the good 'ol days, eh?) because I'm not quite sure how else to go about it. These aren't in any certain order, in fact I'm sure they'll be straight from memory - whatever comes first!
1. I vaguely remember getting my boots stuck in cow poop and him lifting me out, while having to leave my boots in the poop. I mean, that's what grandpa's are for - right? To get you out of trouble!
2. He had con…