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2017: I'm Coming for Ya.

Is it just me or does every post on this blog start with: "So, it's been a while." The end of 2016 had me in complete shock that life has had its foot on the accelerator and our babies are nearly three and five years old.

Say what?

I worked through Lara Casey's Power Sheets and uncovered goals I knew I needed to start chipping away at this year. One of them being to get back into blogging. I had been researching new platforms and ultimately decided my track record of checking in every few months may not immediately warrant me paying for a more professional blog at the moment. Perhaps a polished and more professional look is in my future, but for now I'm back at square one!

I'm not certain where or how often I'll check in, I'm just hopeful that at the end of 2017 I can say I recorded more of our year.

February has brought surprisingly warm temps, with expectations of 73 degrees tomorrow! This weekend we were able to spend the majority of it outdoors, M…