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We're still standing...

Just popping in tonight to get a November post in, oops! I've come across a few readings that I wanted to remember. Neither of these necessarily listed below relate to the other.

I've been reading Jen Hatmaker's book: "Of Mess and Moxie" and she said this in relation to everyone walking a difficult path in life right now:

We have breath in our lungs; still standing. We have people who love us; still standing. We have a God who spends all His hours making broken things whole again; still standing. We are smart and resilient and so very funny and capable, and the days ahead of us stretch unwritten, unsullied, untarnished: still standing. That's our moxie. We have everything we need. 

I've been listening to the sermons from Eagle Brooke Church and he said this:
"Your ability to reach your potential in life is going to be directly related to the people you've surrounded yourself with." He also mentioned you have to be intentional about reaching ou…