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Happy birthday, grandpa!

My grandpa has been gone 18 years this past August, but out of the blue today I realized it was his birthday. Before I went home tonight, I stopped and slipped a note under the water jug at his grave - is that weird? Probably, oh well. I then felt like I needed to do something, so I picked all the long grass along the grave, I started to wonder if I could bring my weed whacker out there. Don't you think that makes other people crazy? I couldn't help but then think of my grandma and the fact that she went on to live 17 years alone. I always knew she was a tough cookie and I'm not quite sure I could've gone that long alone. I think I was about to enter 7th grade in '99 and I'm kind've amazed at how blurry my memory is of the day of his funeral. I think I had dyed my hair an awful shade of red and I vaguely remember walking to the cemetery and holding my grandma's hand during the funeral. That's about it. I do have lots of good memories growing up with…