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September and cooler weather...

Anyone feel like all of a sudden you were at the pool (er, I mean back yard sprinkler) and then the next weekend there were football games?

Roz started Kindergarten a few weeks ago already and really loves it. She even has her first wiggly tooth! Johnny tried to convince her to let him pull it out, although I'm not sure it's wiggly enough to be pulled - nor do I want her to ask me to do it - yuck!

I turned 32 this weekend and I don't think I'm even sad about it - life is pretty good. Although lately I've had these weird "what if" thoughts: "what if I get cancer, what if the kids get hurt, what if Johnny gets in an accident." Anyone else feel like that sometimes? I know my mom is reading this - sorry :)
I'd just like to put us all in helmets and bubbles, that should do the trick.

Just checking in with a few updates since last time, I need to put a sleepy girl to bed.