What I'm loving this month....

Throughout the past week I'd thought about this post and everything I could included in it - but I'm learning that I should've kept notes because I can't remember anything. I'll give it my best shot!

1. Beachbody On Demand (BOD): this program has been so fantastic for me and challenging me to try new things. Let me back up, BOD is an online platform with multiple types of workouts for anyone and all that can be done at home. I also try (emphasis on try) to follow the eating recommendations they have, essentially it's taught me how to eat a balanced, clean diet. It's been so much fun learning new ideas and how to eat while still enjoying life.

2. Bible Study: What a great group of ladies that know so much more than I do, but they've welcomed me in to learn more. I've even allowed myself to consider one day going on a mission trip to Uganda with them, although I may not go soon, I've started learning about what the trip would mean.

3. My job: :)

And, here's a few things we've been up to:

Johnny and Roz golfed in the Parent/Child golf tournament today, so while they had a date, Memphis and I got ice cream and walked around town a bit holding hands, went to the park and then he requested a trip through the car wash.

Roz is all ready for kindergarten! We stopped at Target for a few new tops and bottoms and (although looking back, I don't think she needed anything but I always give in to the pressure from hearing what others are doing with their kids!) her favorite was a pink stripped shirt with a sparkly cheeseburger on it. #thatsmygirl

Johnny organized a Kernels suite for his birthday last night - it was SO much fun! Tomorrow 8/14 is his actual birthday #32

I almost forgot to mention! We took a quick weekend trip to Indiana. My brothers business partner has a wonderful family who offered to host us for the weekend at their lakeside home. It was SO much fun. 

Boat rides, jet skis, limo birthday party, swimming and so much more!


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