Some call it the middle of nowhere, I call it the center of my world...

As I was driving home tonight, exhausted from an already busy week, my eyes were caught by square bales (you never see square ones anymore!) in a field and it took me back to my childhood spending so many summer days with my grandparents on the farm. I remember seeing round hay bales for the first time and being amazed there was something besides those small square ones! Both Johnny and I grew up in rural Monticello (although not meeting until high school - oh, Catholic school boys!) on our grandparents farms.

There's just something so quintessential and special about small town, Iowa life. Some of you might know we nearly moved to the big city of Cedar Rapids/Marion area based on a new job Johnny accepted. At the eleventh hour (after searching homes online that afternoon) he decided it wasn't the best move for us and bless their heart, Spahn and Rose wanted to keep him (who wouldn't, right?). So, after imagining big school life for our kids we now are staying put in Monticello and I can't say I'm sad about it. Yes, the idea of moving and the opportunities excited me, but there's just something about that small town living. Did I curse the drive home from the southwest side of Cedar Rapids today after a dinner event? Yes. I guess there are good things and bad things to both sides, there probably won't be a Target anytime soon in town :)

Memphis and Roz and cousin Jacob at cousin Cassidy's Graduation Party

Other things:
1. Roz got her first cavities - so, that's embarrassing
2. Roz hit her forehead and split it open and then glued back together (insert giant sparkly bandaids)
3. Memphis is still the biggest sweetest, goofball that ever was.
4. Happy June!
5. Roz had her first dance (tumbling) recital
6. My garden is beautiful - buy the veggies at the farmer's market and fill your garden with flowers! Besides, the rabbits will eat your spinach anyways :(


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