Thursday Thoughts...

Want to know my biggest beef right now? We canceled cable and I'm watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (seriously, what is the draw to this show? Too bad I won't be watching the 151 episodes!). Anyways, that was just the thought top of mind I thought I'd share!

1. This spring is just flying by. We spent a portion of the evening riding bikes up and down our street, it was so nice out! Anyone could tell the kids had been outside all day with their dirty clothes and dirt streaked faces. I lured them to the bathtub saying they could wash their rocks - worked like a charm. Except for the rocks in the bathtub part.

2. Want to know how to break your mother's heart? BEG her to come to school lunch and then completely ignore her when she's there except to whisper "PLEASE Mom, DON'T come to recess with me." In all seriousness, Roz is 4 and already concerned about these things and I don't know what caused it or how to get her to not be so self conscious. I know I was the same way but not until at least middle school, and let's be honest, I'm way cooler than my parents ever were! So, we've been debating whether or not to just show up to her school volunteer activities whether she wants us to or not or let her choose. You probably already know that answer, unfortunately Roz's dad was officially voted his high school class clown (no, really) and we plan to embarrass the heck out of her. Sorry, kid.

3. My big guy turned 3 on May 4th. He is, without a doubt, THE sweetest little boy. I can't get enough of his big cheeks and little legs. He got FOUR pairs of new shoes for his birthday and I made some random comment such as: "Oh my gosh those shoes just KILL me!" So now each day when he's getting his shoes on he will say "Mom, will these shoes die today?" Oops.

4. Awkward hand shakes. Why do we have to shake hands in the first place? I'm just wondering why we do these things to ourselves and then let awkward interactions bother us the rest of the day. Although I'm getting better in both areas: typically my handshakes aren't so bad, and I'll always be awkward but heck if I'm going to let it bother me as much as it used to!

Daycare Graduation! This girl is headed to kindergarten!
And this sweet little man did a great job performing!


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