Friday Eve!

Thursday nights always bring "Girl's Night" in the Russ House. Johnny bowls these nights each week and Roz and I always make plans to do something special. This typically ends up being the same type of night as usual with a few shows, baths and dinner but it's exciting anyways! Memphis asked this morning if he could "be a girl" so he could be invited, too - of course!

In reality though - the kids fought over the same chair, argued over the movie we would watch and then when bedtime came I put Memphis to bed a minimum of six times. It's ok though,  I wouldn't change it.

Here's your Thursday night/Friday Eve quote:
Me: "Buddy, you have to get some sleep so you can grow up big!"
Memphis: "Ok. Leave my door open, k?"
Me: "You got it, dude."

Quiet for five minutes.

Memphis comes peeking around the corner.

Memphis:"But mom, I don't WANT to get big!" Cue alligator  tears. "I want to stay small!"

Oh buddy, I want you to stay small too.

I've also recently taught him to say: "My your precious baby, mom." He is so so so sweet and can talk me into extra treats, more hugs and just about anything he wants.

The faucet broke on the bathtub in our main bathroom, so baths have been in our big whirlpool tub. Which include loads of bubbles and slippery kids. And cute pictures, of course.


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