2017 Goals and Progress: Part One

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been using Lara Casey's Powersheets to outline goals for 2017. As you can see below, I took a photo of the page that actually outlines your goals. Prior to this I answered a series of questions to help me get to this point, it seemed overwhelming but essential. From here I choose tasks from a few goals to break down into daily, weekly and monthly things that help me get closer to completing a goal. It's truly what they say about making small changes consistently equate to big changes. I can't say I've been faithfully looking at this each month, but at least a few times a week to remind myself of things I need to be working on.

So, what's on there you say?

1. Read bible assignment daily and write notes. I definitely haven't done this daily, BUT I have gotten past my fear of publicly learning about God and joined a bible study - which is fantastic! I don't know what I was nervous about. With that said, I do a lot of listening and not much talking. But I'm there.

2. Learn BodyPump 99 and embrace instructing. Turns out, this has been harder for me than anticipated. If you're familiar at all with Les Mills certifications you might know they really live up to their standards. I did not pass the first round of testing but am determined to resubmit that darn video and be done with it in April. Andrea, if you're reading this - I swear it will happen!

3. Family Blog Creation: I'd played around with the idea of launching a new site but then wanted to see if I really can stick to checking in more frequently before paying. My goal in this is really to record more of our lives, not necessarily a fancy platform to display it on.

4. Simplify Home and evaluate buying of new items: I am constantly overwhelmed by all the "stuff" we have even though I CONSISTENTLY am trying to rid our home of extras. I've become that person watching documentaries about minimalism although I don't know how to achieve that with a family! Part of this goal has been to create a chore chart for the kids - yet to come!

Take this excerpt from the book I'm reading "Living Well, Spending Less":
There are many gifts I can give my children, but the gift I don't want to give them - or myself, for that matter - is just more stuff. Instead, I want my gift to them to be a life filled with the things that matter most, things like faith, joy, peace, fellowship, contentment, gratitude, and compassion. If living well means having less but appreciating more, then I can't help thinking this is the best gift of all."

That's my ultimate goal. I say that, and then see something in the store I know the kids will like and have to repeatedly remind myself what I've set out to do!

5-8 goals to come!

And there are these fun stickers - so there's that!

One more thing from tonight.

On the way home from dance:
Me: "Roz, did you practice your routine tonight?"
Roz: "No mom it's a RECYCLE!"
Me: "You mean recital?"
Roz: "Yeah, that."

Go forth and conquer!


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