2017 Goals and Progress: Part 2

Back at it! Except, to tell you the truth, I don't have my list in front of me so I will recall the last few from memory.

5. When my grandma died we were left with a lot of stuff (which may be the motivation behind my minimalism approach lately). If you knew her at all, you know she had a lot of hobbies that she loved to share with her family and friends. One of which was sewing, I inherited a brand new sewing machine she'd just bought as well as mounds of beautiful fabric. Some of the fabric I remember she had used in quilts and projects for me when I was a little girl. Ok, so back to my goal. My goal this year is to begin using the fabric (and NOT buy more) not only to eliminate having SO much but also to share with others my grandma. You guys, I didn't realize you could miss one single person so much. This is my way of thinking about her and making her proud by finally figuring out a sewing machine (all you have to do is follow the instructions - who knew!). So far this year I've made small doll blankets and am currently working on a baby blanket for a friend. I think I'm beginning to understand the draw - it's neat to see it come together, even if I can't get anything to match up! I can still picture my grandma seated at her sewing machine, licking her fingers and twisting the string between them in order to thread the machine. She'd always tell me to just "take a break" when I would get frustrated (which was ALL the time).

I miss the heck out of her.

6. Learning more about our finances. I haven't yet told Johnny this goal because he'd just laugh at me - hehe. I also haven't made any progress here other than reading about different apps to begin tracking spending. I know I could do better but I also know I am MUCH better about impulse buys because anything I might bring home needs a space and simplicity has taken over priority lately, therefore I don't want to add to our clutter OR buy our kids something that might get lost in their pile of toys. I've just yet to set any concrete goals on getting started down this road of better understanding all the terms Johnny seems to fling around carelessly while I picture myself doing one of those head turns, like this:

That's all I've got for now. I love setting goals and checking in on progress and do think this has helped me begin tackling them.

Roz and I are watching Fixer Upper in bed - gotta run!


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