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Welcome to Holland.

Ok, big surprise - it's been a while since I've last posted!

Our sweet baby boy is expected to arrive in FOUR weeks from today. I fully expected this pregnancy to fly by faster than when I was pregnant with Roslynne. What I wasn't expecting was the news we found out on April 2nd. After being referred to the University of Iowa after an ultra sound showed his limbs were behind in growth, we were told that day that he is expected to be born with Achondroplasia or better known as dwarfism. As you can imagine, we have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. To be quite honest, it was devastating. We went through days of highs and lows and felt we were alone in the diagnosis. Through the University we have been connected with a few families with children that also have Achondroplasia and have learned quite a bit. After meeting one family in person last weekend, we have really realized we're still incredibly lucky to have this little ("little" takes on a whole ne…