The road to Memphis: Part One

This post is way past due! The last time I updated was in April, when we were certain our son would be born with achondroplasia. Many of you are aware that didn't end up being the case, which is fantastic. As you can imagine, the month of April was crazy and it may take me a few posts to get our story out!

So, here goes part one:

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was told I was measuring small. I wasn't alarmed at this point because we went through this exact thing when I was pregnant with Roslynne. When you measure small they ask that you come in for an ultrasound to just check things out. So, I met with my regular ob but not with my doctor for this appointment (mine must have been busy that day) and she believed the ultra sound showed that the baby was behind in arm and leg development and asked that we get an in-depth review at the University of Iowa.

On April 2nd, 2014 Johnny and I made our way to Iowa City. If we weren't nervous enough, picture one GIGANTIC confusing hospital that we had to find our way to. During a typical weekday, the parking ramp is PACKED. Once we found a parking spot we drug ourselves into the hospital for what we both knew wouldn't be good. After 20 minutes of navigating our way there and getting checked in, we waited for another 20 minutes or so to be seen. We spoke with a nurse who recorded information on us and our families. We were then taken into the room for an ultra sound, the nurse did her thing while I was trying to decipher the numbers and information whizzing by while she moved really fast (too fast!). She then left, while I was told to wait to put myself together incase the team of specialists wanted to see more. Picture yourself in a dim room with your spouse on one side and 5-6 nurses and doctors surrounding you explaining your un-born son will likely be born with a disability. I think they were waiting for us to break down crying with this diagnosis (I won't even mention one of the options they gave us) when all we wanted to say to them was "wait, do you have the right people?

We then were lead to a room to ourselves to have a moment to process and decide how to inform family and friends, but really we just sat and cried. Johnny told me to wipe my tears away and assured me our son would be a little shit, just like Roz! We had my regular ob appointment later that afternoon and had a few hours to kill and decided to sit at the Newbo book store a while and even a little lunch.

That day was heartbreaking, but made us better people.

Stay tuned for the next post!


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