I think I get it now!

You guys, being a mom is the best thing in the whole world and I think I've finally just realized this after two years. Did you even realize that babies grow into toddlers who can run, walk and talk? It's amazing to see their transformation into a kid and not a baby anymore. It hurts my heart seeing our kids grow, especially our two year old because I know how fast it goes by. Without the birth of Memphis, I don't honestly know if I would have realized this. Memphis has taught me that life goes too fast, I absolutely need to slow down and appreciate the little moments him and his sister provide every day (even the tantrums!). I can honestly say there have only been a handful of times since he was born that I've gotten frustrated with him crying and his sister throwing a fit because I love them SO DARN MUCH. Now, don't think that means I let big sister get away with it - but I feel like now I'm able to better handle and understand her tantrums and calmly tell her AGAIN that "yes, you need to sit in the corner for throwing your food on the floor".

I just read this article that was on the Scary Mommy blog and it hit home in a BIG way. I didn't realize others felt the same way and she put into words EVERYTHING I've been feeling lately:


"Sometimes I cry because you’re so big and I’m so small, and the bigger you get to me, the smaller I get to you, and I worry—Lord, how I worry—about my smallness in your big world." 

To a toddler, you're the MOST important person to them as their mom. While on maternity leave I was able to pick up my daughter most days from daycare, seeing her see that I was there to pick her up and yell excitedly "MOM!!!!" as she dashed across the playground is THE BEST thing. But I know that won't always be true, as I'm typing this I think about how awful I was to my parents many times throughout middle school and high school and I can only pray that she treats me better than I did to mine. 

Sometimes I will sneak into my daughter's room and just watch her sleep. Being a toddler means she's blissfully unaware of differences and accepts herself and others all the same, what would our world look like if we all were like that? I think that's what gets me the most, (and the blog I mention above defines this perfectly) that I know she is so innocent and unassuming right now - but l know she will have to go through those milestones in life that are hard. 

I never realized I would be like this, I think other moms and dads got to this point much earlier in their child's life than I have. Don't take your babies for granted, others are trying SO hard to have children and may never get the opportunity. Do the best for them that you know how, be present, "feed the munnies" (bunnies) in your neighbors yard, kiss their "ouchies", read books and love them. 

And be prepared to be turned into mush by everything they do. 


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