It's only been 5 months...

It's only been 5 months since I last wrote a blog post - I'm sure my loyal readers have been so sad!

I supposed I need to mention a big update - we're expecting a little boy (at least it appears to look like a boy!) at the end of May this year. I haven't taken a single bump picture - but don't worry, I plan to start this Friday at 24 weeks. I just compared myself to what I looked like with Roslynne at this point - I was much smaller then. I'm going to start standing backwards on the scale so I don't have to see the weight I'm gaining - because you KNOW I'll lose it after he's born, right? RIGHT? But really, I need to get this eating sh&* under control. I have a wedding to be in only two weeks after my due date - sorry Laura!

Besides THAT update, we've had Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas since I last wrote. 

First, enjoy this random slide show G-Mail made of our year in review for 2013 (random photos from my phone, obviously I didn't choose that golf shoe to be in there!)

Christmas Eve at grandma and grandpa Russ'

We set up her play kitchen for her to see Christmas morning - can you tell she was excited?

My grandma, Becca (my brother's beautiful girlfriend) and my brother - Drew were home for Christmas this year!

My mom ("Nana Rucker")

This never happens, but Roslynne had my grandma read her a book!

Roslynne's favorite thing ever - coloring!

And this is from tonight - she got out all her hats and tried them ALL on. Why on earth do I have to chase her in the mornings to put it on then??

Speaking of hats, today daycare was closed because of weather which meant I needed to stay home with this crazy child. I think there might be a high of -5 tomorrow? I think I might have a touch of cabin fever (Johnny would say I have MUCH more than a "touch"). This winter has been never ending. I'm starting to have dreams of warm weather, grilling and beer and of course, going outside without having to put 10 layers on myself AND Roslynne.

Here's to wishful thinking and more blogging this year! 


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