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Damn. I've been meaning to blog all summer. Please excuse me! Once you read what we've been up to, I think you'll understand.

1. We moved.
In June this summer we made the move to a bigger house on a MUCH quieter street. I STILL haven't posted pictures of our new place, but will one day soon. There's a lot of painting I'm hoping to do this fall and I just don't want to post pictures of these white walls :)

2. We went on vacation.
Mid July we went to a resort (resort=cottage on the lake) in Moravia, Iowa for a week with Johnny's family. It was a week of boating, going to the indoor water park (Roz LOVED this), and eating homemade meals. I hope to post more about this soon - I wanted to do something with all the awesome Instagram pictures I took on my runs each morning.

3. Family Time
In addition to going on vacation, my brother and sister both visited (different weeks) after we were back.

4. Went to the pool!
Finally! A reason to spend a few hours at the p…