Ya'll, it's been a while. Thanks for the push to make me blog tonight, Katie! I guess I better do this more often.

Since April just a few things have changed:

1. We're moving next weekend! Please keep me in your thoughts as you know how short my patience is, I'll be on my best behavior. I promise. Maybe. We're so excited to be a part of a neighborhood instead of along a busy street. The street we're moving to is the same street I grew up on, I have many fond memories of my best friend and I riding in circles on our bikes at the end of the dead-end street. Our garage is full of boxes and boxes of things we've packed already and the house still feels really full! Sign that we have too much, I suppose.

2. Our baby girl is almost an entire year old. It's possible I may cry at her party, in my mind she's already married with her own babies. She can now blow kisses, almost say puppy, stand for a few seconds without falling and can dance dance dance!
Here she is in her pink striped overalls from Grandma Russ!

Grandma Rucker may or may not get her a new outfit or accessory every time she's out. New Dora hat!

Photo shoot in grandma's back yard. "You guys, I found this leaf! Look! Are you listening? A LEAF!" That's what I imagine she's thinking.

Photo shoot at the cupcake place!
3. Went to a friend's wedding from college. Talk about flash back! I haven't been with that group of girls in 5 years! It was good to see those faces again and catch up AND fill up on the candy bar. Good choice, Jen!
Thank you for giving me a reason to buy a new dress!
4. Said good bye to my grandma, she passed away last week surprisingly. We're not sure exactly what happened, just that she fell a few stairs down to her basement and didn't recover from hip surgery. Here's a photo I happened to take of her and Roslynne over Mother's Day:

 She was such a classy lady, as you can tell by her cute outfit! I remember Easter egg hunts in her backyard with dimes in the eggs, lunches at Finley Hospital down the street (big spender grams!) and  sidewalk chalk in the driveway. Here's to you grandma!


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