Such a sweet, sweet blessing.

You know what? Yes, I should be working on designing wedding invitations for a friend and/or work things. But you know what? I'm. Not. Going. To. Instead, I'd rather write a post about my little Valentine.
She is the best possible thing that ever ever could've happened to us - it's too much to think about how she even came to be. There's so much that has to go right to even get pregnant and today I feel extra special to have her in our life. Yes, she's stinky and pukes (usual baby things, right?) sometimes, but the happy moments far out-weigh those stinky diapers! She's already 7 1/2 months old and get her first teeth on the bottom! She wasn't ever really cranky when they were breaking through, although it seems like it's taking a long time for them to come in. Month 6 brought her first ear infection and 10 days of meds - she seemed to recover from it quickly and we're hoping that more aren't in her future.

Oh gosh, what have we been up to the last few months? Roz tried food for the first time around month 5 and wasn't really interested. We're still not very consistent in giving it to her and so daycare gives her a bit around lunch time, at least this way she'll get a try at it every day while she's there! We're so bad when it comes to feeding her solids, she just doesn't seem interested.

Roz likes to "help" read board books. I just bought her an Elmo Valentine book and Elmo has a fuzzy texture in it. She seemed to enjoy feeling the pages, especially Elmo!

Johnny got me a really good bottle of wine for Valentine's Day and I've had 2 glasses. I'm tired and falling asleep here! Signing off - g'night!


  1. Reading this made me miss you like crazy!

  2. Awww, you're so sweet - I miss you too, damnit. I'm so glad someone actually reads my blog since I hate posting a link to it on Facebook. Hehe.


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