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Such a sweet, sweet blessing.

You know what? Yes, I should be working on designing wedding invitations for a friend and/or work things. But you know what? I'm. Not. Going. To. Instead, I'd rather write a post about my little Valentine.
She is the best possible thing that ever ever could've happened to us - it's too much to think about how she even came to be. There's so much that has to go right to even get pregnant and today I feel extra special to have her in our life. Yes, she's stinky and pukes (usual baby things, right?) sometimes, but the happy moments far out-weigh those stinky diapers! She's already 7 1/2 months old and get her first teeth on the bottom! She wasn't ever really cranky when they were breaking through, although it seems like it's taking a long time for them to come in. Month 6 brought her first ear infection and 10 days of meds - she seemed to recover from it quickly and we're hoping that more aren't in her future.

Oh gosh, what have we been up to …