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One year of blogging!

I just realized this last week that I've been blogging for a year, because I did this race again yesterday and it was my first post! I'm not sure that biking 30 miles after having a baby almost 8 weeks ago was my best idea ever, but it was still a beautiful morning to be out:

I rode out of town by myself and met up with my niece half way, she sure made the time fly by telling me all sorts of stories:

We also had this conversation:
Cassidy: "Oh, look! We've caught up to some walkers!"
Me: "No, I think those are mailboxes"
Cassidy: "Those are people, NOT mailboxes!"
Me: "I dont know, are you sure?"

Yes, they were people

When we got closer:
Me: "Hey! Those mailboxes are people!"

She didn't think it was all that funny

Later in the day we met with my family at Happy Joe's for lunch and mom took little Roz for the afternoon so Johnny and I could go play some flag football! We met his friends at the football field and played…