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Week Two!

Two weeks already, really? Roslynne has turned into such a sweet girl already, she's pretty easy on us. Even with her billiruben levels very low (or altogether gone) she's still pretty good.

We have our two week check up today and might even take time to go out to lunch (wish us luck!)

Here's what we did during week two (posts might get more exciting one day, for now - just go with it)
1. Had the ultimate summer meal of BLT's, watermelon and corn

2. Went swimming with Zoey, Zeb, Rachel and Caleb

3. Met great aunt Connie and great uncle Dave

4. Helped dad take down the tree in the backyard
 5. Slept nakey in my arms
6. Slept nakey with Johnny (long day of tree work!)

7. Puked on a new dress

8. Learned to eat my nose (I know you think it's weird, but it's so funny!)

9. Read a book

10. Met Makayla and Ashley
11. Loved on her dad
It was a good week 2!