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The room...

Our baby's room is better than yours. For real. It's the best room I've seen between all the ones on the blogs I follow and ones I've seen in real life.

Saturday was my baby shower and I believe the room is finally complete. It's perfect! My friends who hosted the shower were absolutely amazing, I can't believe I have such great friends! The only thing we're really missing is the pack and play, which my dad (thank you!!) offered to get for us - otherwise, I think we're set! I took a few things back to Target today to return and got the changing pad we were missing, a cover for it and a cover for the boppy, and a really cute bin that fits perfectly at the end of the crib to put all the blankets in that we got and all the crib sheets we'll have to change in the middle of the night!

Here are some pictures of the room:
I found these pictures of Johnny and I when we were younger. Me with my grandpa and Johnny passed out on his parents couch, yes his shi…