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28 Weeks - the countdown is ON.

Ice cream, watermelon and choclate. You can find me eating one of these at least once a day.

A few days ago this photo was taken:
To which Johnny commented this week: "The baby seems to be growing!" (AKA: "you're getting much bigger")
I, again - can't wait to do some more intense running! We got our jogging stroller in the mail today, after reading the instructions though, it suggests not to take a baby jogging until they're about 8 months old. Kind of a bummer to find that out, but my mom already volunteered to babysit while I run - ha!

This is the stroller we got!

Today, Johnny put up our new blinds - they're so pretty! He finished the toppers and stained them, after one coat of polyurethane tomorrow and they'll go up!

Musta been a loooong day for these guys: