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Keep it quick!

I'm pooped - thus the short post tonight.

I wish I had a before and after shot of this. The crazy lilac bushes are GONE. I went to Katie's bridal shower and came home and saw these were missing - such a nice surprise!
Now we can say we've got something IN the baby room! We're very lucky to have gotten such a beautiful crib - this stinker better appreciate it :)
Isn't it pretty?

The sunrise this morning - ahhh, it was SO nice out today.
The Irish food served at the St.Patrick's Day party we went to. Corned beef, soda bread, carrots and potatoes and cabbage. AND CAKE.
Saw a leprachuan.
And me at 23 weeks! Maybe there is something in there after all!

I'm off to attempt to finish my book club book for tomorrow, I still have about 100 pages! We're reading The Innocent - SO GOOD!