Back to work and BIG thoughts.

Right after I wrote the title, I spilled my beer. Don't worry, it's all taken care of now.

Anyways, I went back to work a week ago! It's been pretty good, to be honest. Somedays I will start to miss Roslynne in the middle of the day, which kind of stinks, but I remind myself how bored I was on maternity leave!

Here's my typical day lately: Wake up around 4:45 am to work out, I decided to start hitting the gym in the morning so I can see the babe at night. I've actually been able to keep this up and think I'm getting used to the early mornings. I come home by 5:45 to shower and get ready for work and get the bubs (are you enjoying all the various names I have for Roslynne?) ready for her day! While I shower, Johnny is usually in bed giving her a bottle and playing with her. "Getting her ready" consists of putting her in the cutest clothes ever, I'm starting to think I have an issue with buying baby clothes. Then I make a quick breakfast, put it in my work bag and off we go to daycare! Once we get to daycare I hand her over to all the nice ladies and she smiles at me as I hand her off, which makes it all the more hard to give her up for the day. Then, I race to work and get to the office right before 8! Right now, the days have been flying by with how busy we've been at work. Then, around 5 pm I head home and CAN NOT wait to see the bebe. NO matter how bad my day is, the thought of seeing Roz after work completely melts any anger away. I realize I sound incredibly cliche, but whatever, it's true damnit.

Those drives home from work can get long. So long in fact, I have "big" thoughts. Here's what I mean by "big": all consuming, whatwillroslynnebelikewhenshegrowsup thoughts.

1. What if what I do for a living doesn't count as succesful in her eyes?
2. What will I do when she gets her heart broken? (maybe I'll punch the sucker who messed with her?)
3. Will my heart break when she tells me she hates me the first time?
4. I can't wait to see her reach for me, hear her first words, watch her first steps
5. It still dumbfounds me how you can make a baby, it is nuts. NUTS.

You see what I mean? Someone needs to take notes for me on my way home from work each day, because now I can't remember everything. All that I know, is that I am IN LOVE with my baby and we love seeing what she does every day. Our daughter is quite the little lady!


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