Roslynne at 2 months

The number 3 is a lucky number for our family! Roslynne was born July 3rd, my birthday is September 3rd, and Johnny and I were married October 3rd!

So, on my birthday my baby turned 2 months old (9 weeks!). I can't believe it. This also means I only have about a week and a half before I return to work and she is shipped off to daycare. I am excited for her to get some interaction with some other babes, I just hope she doesn't catch a bug for a while!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday by going golfing with my cousins, we stopped to take a golf cart picture:
 We also went golfing last year on my birthday, I really enjoy it! We hope to become members at our golf club again next year, we took a break this summer -so I cannot wait to start up again!

The next day we went to the Wapsipinicon State Park for a walk, and well this park didn't have good walking areas like I thought! Luckily it wasn't too busy with vehicles. We headed up a hill that seemed to never end, but at the top I got this beautiful shot!
Then to lunch at Stone City (where Roslynne sported her ISU gear!):

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and even watched Toy Story 2! Gosh, how exciting I've become these days.

I realize I don't have many blog followers, but I hope (for my own sake) to do a "nursery tour" and record all the fun things she has in her room and where they came from, just for the heck of it! I hope to take some photos of it today!


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