Nursery Tour

Here is Roslynne's nursery tour!

Let's just be honest, her room was a disaster before we started remodeling:

Painting primer around all that junk. Gross. Notice those windows above (old. boo.) and below (new!)

New windows and floors re-done! Shall we give some props to Johnny?

It was basically an extra room that we used to dump stuff that we didn't have a place for, needless to say, it took a long time to get rid of all of that stuff and find homes for the stuff we wanted to keep! I believe one weekend we were watching something on HGTV and saw wainscoting, Johnny said he thought he could make his own for her room. So, first off I painted the room the coffee color you see there and months later (after ripping out her closet and completely re-doing it AND putting in new windows, the wainscoting was put in!)

Now for the fun part. First up, the crib:
On St. Patrick's day 2011, I traveled to an Amish community with my mother and sister in law and we found this beauty way in the back. We ended up taking it apart to get it home and then reassembled it. Roslynne has yet to sleep in here at night - don't worry - it WILL happen soon enough. The basket next to the crib is filled with all the stuff animals she's gotten, I snatched it from my mom's house because it matches perfectly! ISU blanket from Grandma Russ!
These paintings hang above Roslynne's crib, I worked on them for a LONG time. Want to know my secret? Grab yourself some tracing paper, go to and trace whatever you want (in my case, fun animals) and then trace it onto your canvas and paint it! Be warned, it takes forever. My favorite one is the one that says: "GO TO SLEEP" but she doesn't seem to listen to it.
I'm not sure what I was aiming for in this picture, but it shows on the left an "R" hook holding a sign Johnny bought me for Valentine's day, good thing we had a girl - it wouldn't work in there if we'd had a boy! The two frames next to it are a maternity photo and then the collage frame is cutouts from one of my favorite calendars. Below is the changing table, close up coming!
 The beautiful dresser that Johnny built. On top is her changing pad, cover and towel (towel is a MUST, I don't know how many times she peed while I was trying to get a new diaper on her!) Next to it is a basket filled with diapers.
Hats and socks

Gosh, her clothes. So hard to keep tiny baby clothes organized - any ideas? Although I think soon enough her newborn clothes will be going in the closet soon!
Diaper bag!
Her closet is bursting with cute clothes that don't fit her yet.
We just got this in the mail from Uncle Drew!

Hehe, this is one of my favorite onesies

If you feel like donating diapers, we're accepting them. ;)

Bath items must be a popular gift- this doesn't even show all the towels and wash rags she has in the other closet!
And because you wanted to see Roz:
All those patterns were making my eyes go crazy!



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