Our First Week

Warning: this might turn into a baby blog :)

Roslynne is already a week old today! The first week was something else, I'd describe it as: amazing, scary, tearful, hella hard, crazy. I want to write a post about the actual birth, but I'll do that another day before I forget the details.

This first week was a little rocky, we ended up being re-admitted to the hospital Sunday into mid-day Monday because Roz had too high of biliruben levels (jaundice) so she had to sit in her baby tanning bed while we hoped and prayed it went away. I took a picture of her under the lights, but the sight of it makes me teary so I don't think I'll even post it. They said 80% of all babies have jaundice, that said, it doesn't mean it still wasn't really scary. Plus, she was losing weight, so they worked with us on the best way to feed her. Sunday night was one of the longest nights of our lives I think. They showed us how to use a finger feeder, I won't go into too much detail on that ;) Judge me if you may, but we decided it was best for both of our sanity for me to pump and feed her that way, while also suplementing her with formula. I know they say to stick out breastfeeding for 2 weeks, but I COULD NOT imagine continuing to do it - it was so painful. Regardless, this way she's still getting what she needs, plus some. After we decided to go this route, Johnny and I sighed a huge sigh of relief that it was indeed OK to do this and feel it works the best for us and Roslynne.

Roslynne's First Week, what we did and getting to know our new babe:
1. Welcomed our little stinker on July 3rd at 5:26 pm. It was the MOST amazing experience I've ever gone through. I couldn't believe how beautiful having a baby was.

2. Falling in love with Johnny all over again. We were both really (like, really) surprised at how well we both did that day and since then. He's totally in love with that little girl, he said he didn't think he could love another girl as much as he loves me.

3. She's our little squeak toy. She really sounds like a squeaker of Trice's - you'll just have to see.

4. She's got major farting abilities, she gets THAT from her pappa.

5. The cutest, sweetest little stinker you've ever seen. (I know, every parent says this. Whoa, I'm a parent?)

I think my hormones have been a little outta whack, I feel really anxious and teary here and there but I think overall I'm doing pretty well. I've felt really anxious today about not knowing what to do with myself during my leave time. I absolutely know I need to enjoy it, because this will be the only time I'll get to spend this much time with her. One day at a time. We can't wait for football this fall and a little cooler weather to take her for walks and dress her in her ISU gear!

Happy First week birthday, Roz!


  1. Emily this made me tear up! I love this post. She's so, so beautiful.

  2. Nice job Momma!! You guys are doing a great job.
    Love you


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