Birth Story

July 3rd, 2012 - almost a month ago already!

Dr. Piehl scheduled me to be induced at 39 weeks because she believed I had IUGR (which, later after Roz was born we found I didn't have it). First, let me tell you the fact that she thought I had IUGR required me to go twice weekly to the OBGYN for about a month to do 20-30 minute non-stress tests and ultrasounds (glad that's over!!). Ok, back to the story. July 3rd was my 39 week date, so we were scheduled to be induced that day.

We decided to have a big breakfast at Bruegger's Bagel's that morning, although I couldn't eat because I was so nervous. I remember texting my mom during breakfast: "I'm so nervous I think I'm going to poop!". After sitting there a bit and talking about what we thought would happen that day we decided to just get the show on the road and head to the hospital. We parked the car and grabbed what we thought was necessary at the moment and headed in to the birth center. As soon as we went to check in, they asked me: "Oh! Are you the one having twins today?" Me: "Really? Do I look like I'm having twins?". They showed us to our room and threw me a gown and told me to get changed while they got things ready. I remember telling Johnny: "Whoa, this is happening really fast!" and I think he said something like: "what'd you expect?"

7:00 a.m. So, I changed and sat in the hospital bed. This is happening. After that, a nurse came in and took my heart rate and then the baby's. We weren't sure what happened, but all of a sudden the nurse got a worried look and called more nurses in to put in an internal monitor on the baby. We think they took my heart rate thinking it was the baby's and got very worried that it was so low. When they put the internal monitor in, I think that's when they poked a hole in my water (gross). Two hours later I remember saying: "OH MY GOD, something's happening!" My water had broke. Feels like you peed your pants!

Contractions started coming pretty regularly. They weren't bad at first, I remember the nurse noticing I was having one on the monitor but I couldn't even feel it. The next few got a lot more painful and Johnny was so sweet trying to help me record them and their length in our baby book, but since I couldn't tell when they were starting we quit trying to record them. He was so good trying to tell me to breathe and relax, although try not ripping someone's head off when they're telling you to relax when you're having a contraction! Oddly enough, his words of encouragement seemed to work and the thoughts: "I can do this. Easy" went through my mind.

Even though I was having a baby that day, the fact that we had super cute nurses made me super self concious - "oh my god, they're seeing everything and they're SO pretty" How silly.

Between the time my water broke and about 2 pm I think? (Johnny probably has a better idea of this than me) I was having regular contractions and the nurse offered me Fetinol and I think I said " Yes. Now. Give it to me" It felt like I'd just drank a margarita, bring it on! I can do this!

3 p.m. the anestisiologist came in to do my epidural. I had to sit on the edge of the bed holding Johnny's hands. I balled the entire time, the guy doing it scared me because he wasn't telling me what he was doing even though it wasn't painful. I believe he tried cracking a joke with me like: "I see lots of backs, you have a NICE back"

I can't even remember all the details anymore! I just know that at about 4:50 p.m. Johnny and I were in the room by ourselves at that point, he was laying on the couch snoozing and watching TV. All of a sudden I remember saying: "Johnny! Get up! Something is happening!"

The nurses were called in and 20 minutes later Roslynne Mae was born!

These pictures seem so long ago already!


  1. Emily,
    I laughed when I read the part about the twins. REALLY??? THen when I see those photos of you guys crying after Roz is born, brought tears to my eyes again. Sweet sweet granddaughter of mine!


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