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Birth Story

July 3rd, 2012 - almost a month ago already!

Dr. Piehl scheduled me to be induced at 39 weeks because she believed I had IUGR (which, later after Roz was born we found I didn't have it). First, let me tell you the fact that she thought I had IUGR required me to go twice weekly to the OBGYN for about a month to do 20-30 minute non-stress tests and ultrasounds (glad that's over!!). Ok, back to the story. July 3rd was my 39 week date, so we were scheduled to be induced that day.

We decided to have a big breakfast at Bruegger's Bagel's that morning, although I couldn't eat because I was so nervous. I remember texting my mom during breakfast: "I'm so nervous I think I'm going to poop!". After sitting there a bit and talking about what we thought would happen that day we decided to just get the show on the road and head to the hospital. We parked the car and grabbed what we thought was necessary at the moment and headed in to the birth center. As soon a…

Dead arm.

Writing one handed tonight because this kid decided it was the only way she'd stop crying. We're going on two hours without moving. I promise, she's still breathing - I might just lose circulation in my arm.
This weekend Roslynne met Drew for the first time, he really really likes her. He would only give her to me if she needed changed. Thanks. She also met Drew's girl friend Becca, we're definitely fans of her - super sweet. Drew if you're reading this, don't mess up.

It also happened to be the week of the fair. I had bought Blake Shelton tickets in January for the heck of it, not thinking we'd be able to go -but Roz decided to make her appearance a few weeks early and we were able to go! But, by 10 pm I was ready to go home to that baby.

(first beer in a while, also- please note my fat pants.)
Roslynne has to get her hearing rechecked tomorrow, which means we have to go to Cedar Rapids by ourselves. Pray for me. But! We're going to go see my co-…

Week Two!

Two weeks already, really? Roslynne has turned into such a sweet girl already, she's pretty easy on us. Even with her billiruben levels very low (or altogether gone) she's still pretty good.

We have our two week check up today and might even take time to go out to lunch (wish us luck!)

Here's what we did during week two (posts might get more exciting one day, for now - just go with it)
1. Had the ultimate summer meal of BLT's, watermelon and corn

2. Went swimming with Zoey, Zeb, Rachel and Caleb

3. Met great aunt Connie and great uncle Dave

4. Helped dad take down the tree in the backyard
 5. Slept nakey in my arms
6. Slept nakey with Johnny (long day of tree work!)

7. Puked on a new dress

8. Learned to eat my nose (I know you think it's weird, but it's so funny!)

9. Read a book

10. Met Makayla and Ashley
11. Loved on her dad
It was a good week 2! 

Our First Week

Warning: this might turn into a baby blog :)

Roslynne is already a week old today! The first week was something else, I'd describe it as: amazing, scary, tearful, hella hard, crazy. I want to write a post about the actual birth, but I'll do that another day before I forget the details.

This first week was a little rocky, we ended up being re-admitted to the hospital Sunday into mid-day Monday because Roz had too high of biliruben levels (jaundice) so she had to sit in her baby tanning bed while we hoped and prayed it went away. I took a picture of her under the lights, but the sight of it makes me teary so I don't think I'll even post it. They said 80% of all babies have jaundice, that said, it doesn't mean it still wasn't really scary. Plus, she was losing weight, so they worked with us on the best way to feed her. Sunday night was one of the longest nights of our lives I think. They showed us how to use a finger feeder, I won't go into too much detail on…

She's here!

We did it! Roslynne Mae Russ was welcomed to the world July 3rd, 2012. 6 pounds 8 ounces 18.5 inches long.

I'll update again soon, but wanted to post some pictures of our girl:

The End is Near!

We have exactly one more day being baby-less, at least that's the plan. We go in early Tuesday morning for me to be induced! We're both working tomorrow, although I'm wishing I'd have just started my leave tomorrow, but oh well, I need to finish up some things that I wouldn't want others to have to do for me.

What did we do our last weekend as a couple? Friday night we went to dinner with my mom and step-dad and then rented 21 Jump Street and it was pretty hilarious! Saturday morning Johnny went to work while I and my mom made at least a month or more of frozen meals for us after baby comes. We made Swedish Meatballs, Veggie Lasagna, Maidrites, chicken pot pies, chicken and wild rice and I think a few other things that I can't think of! My mom was sure motivated, I ran out of steam real quick! Then, Saturday afternoon we went to the POOL for 2 hours and that night went to a mexican restaurant with some friends and then out for a water cocktail afterwards. SO fu…