It don't matter if it's rainin'....

Isn't that a song? It's been in my head all weekend!

So. behind. on. posting. Stupid me, I figured out how to take the date off my photos I take and now I'm not exactly sure which belly pictures goes with which week!

Here's what I think is week 32:


And 34 (almost 35):

I'm getting so anxious about having this baby, especially after our friends had their beautiful little girl, Zoey. Here's what I'm anxious about: delivering the baby, the pain and the unknowns, breastfeeding (what IS that?!), not being prepared with a hospital bag when it's TIME TO GO (I need to make a list for this "bag"), going home with a little stinker and not knowing what to do, what our life will be like those first few weeks, and of course... finding time to sleep, eat and workout!

Maybe this sound pathetic, but seeing people posting on Facebook about these bad ass workouts they're doing makes me unbelievably jealous. I can't wait until that day I feel like I'm back in the swing of things and training for a race and feeling good again! Although, I feel pretty good right now for being in the 3rd trimester with only 5 weeks left. My only complaint is the awkward sleeping - my back is thinking "WHY did you gain all this weight!? I can't hold this up!" I recently read that once you have the baby you sleep like a rock and sleep better than you did pregnant (of course, when you GET the chance to sleep). I totally think that will be me, once I can sleep face down again!

This little girl or boy is moving around like a gigantic whale and stepping on my bladder with every chance it gets! I just videotaped my stomach moving, not sure what I'll do with that! I'd just read someone that another woman did that - it will be fun to watch sometime I'm sure.

Here are a few other photos from things we've been up to:
Waterball! We went and watched our local fire departments and area departments compete, it was fun!

Johnny and his dad started in on our deck today, this isn't how it looks right now - the poles have been replaced and this week Johnny is going to start taking it apart.

Little Zoey and I when she wasn't even a day old!

Paintings for Baby Russ' room!


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