30 & 31 Weeks and XX things we've done lately

Since I last posted, we've done the following (in no particular order):

Turned 30 weeks!

Cringing at the fact that this was two weeks ago and I can't remember anything in particular about turning 30 weeks, besides that this marks single digit weeks left!

Turned 31 weeks!

This week I had a regular check-up with the doc, after measuring me they thought I was measuring a little on the small side. She ordered an ultrasound and non-stress test for the next day. I was a little shook up that this meant something was wrong, but after the ultrasound and test we checked out just fine! I don't have high-blood pressure, so they predicted we'll just have a little baby - easier to push out, right?! Another stress test was scheduled for next Friday, just to keep an eye on the size and heart beat of the baby. Yesterday I went on a tour of Mercy Hospital's birthing floor and I happened to mention they think we'll have a small baby, after telling them the size baby was at they seemed surprised that my doctor ordered extra tests. SO... that made me feel a lot better that they weren't worried. The tour was very helpful, the rooms are really big and the staff was super nice.

Repotted an African Violet I've kept alive since it was given to me after Johnny's grandma passed last year. I think she'd be proud!


Johnny finished the trim around our new windows, he's so talented! Don't they look amazing??

Came home one night to a REALLY good Chinese dinner, made by that husband of mine.

Went to a contractor's dinner at this lovely place! Johnny's business had helped them with a few things, beeeeautiful!

Had a "first Mother's Day"
 I came home to a basket (the one that says "Russ") from my best friend, Teresa. Inside were all sorts of bath-time toys and a Mother's Day card!


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