Sights, sounds and smells - and week 26

Holy crap - week 26?

Yeah, that's happening. Only 14 weeks left as just the two of us before R comes. The first trimester seemed to crawl along and now it is going really REALLY fast. Ay, caramba!

The last few weeks I've eaten containers of watermelon like it's going out of style, and maybe too much chocolate. Before that, it was strawberries with everything. I'd just eat a whole container of them!

I was told I looked very pregnant this week, but I think the shirt I was wearing makes you look pregnant no matter what ;)

(new windows in the background!)

Sights this week:

1. We Bought a Zoo - about to start!
2. Realized our Bleeding Heart was coming back up! (shown below)

3. Finally seeing the painting on the wall I've been working on! 

1. The buzz of Johnny working on our window trim in the garage yesterday
2. Trice's hiccups
3. Sound of mowing the lawn (and smell!)

1. Raspberry coffee cake, egg bake, and cinnamon rolls for our Easter brunch

Ok, that was all I had for the "smell" section :)


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