This March weather is crazy warm - like 20 degrees warmer than normal. So, we decided to do what any logical people would do - a late lunch/early dinner on the river. Johnny had heard from a co-worker of a restaurant on the river in Bellevue - Off Shore. I can't believe we ate outside in March!

Tip: Skip the bun, and you have room for dessert! Chicken Supreme with bacon and Thousand Island.
PB Pie! It doesn't hurt to indulge every once in a while, right?

Exciting news, the baby room closet is finished! I was so excited to put the two bins on the shelves, because you know, I have stuff to put in them.

Aren't they SO cute? I'm not exactly sure what will go in them, but for now I shall admire the cuteness.

Yay! Those little onesies were bought a while ago. One says something about being a rocker, with little guitars. The other says something about "daddy's little slugger". I know, I lean towards the more tomboy-ish clothes. If we have a girl, I'll SO dress her in guitars.

New shelf and bar!

Turned 24 weeks! (I will make a collage at the end so that you can see the progression)

Other weekend happenings:

- Saw The Hunger Games.
- Ate at Red Robin.
- Watched Caleb dance to Soul Man at his school's dance show.
- Watched Friends with Benefits.
- Mowed the lawn for the first time this year!
- Ate a super freaking awesome dinner with Johnny.

And because you always need a dog picture:

Someday I'll get better at writing a blog post, but for now this is what you get!


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