Happy New Year!

So much to catch up on from our last post!

But, first: We're expecting! I'm due July 12th, and I feel the time will fly by. We'd been trying since April of this year and are so happy to announce our good news. Although, is it overwhelming telling people this! Hands down, every time I was on the verge of telling someone, I will almost start to cry and can't quite get the words out of my mouth. Don't ask me why this happens, but I don't appreciate it! Or, the increased heart rate! I'm glad that part is over now :)

We (well, Johnny) has been re-doing the "office" this fall, that will now be the baby room. I don't really plan to have a theme, but hope to make a few paintings that will look good on the coffee colored walls. So much to think about! Especially day care, I'm not sure where to start but I know we need to start looking soon!

Ok, here's what we've been up to since Thanksgiving!

Holly and I went to Winona, MN to pick up Christmas trees and wreaths. They sold them all!

Celebrated our two year anniversary and an early Christmas present by spending a weekend in Galena. We toured a Christmas mansion, bought a pound of chocolate and fudge, bought Cars 2 and Transformers and watched in our room and went to a Christmas parade!

We had a real tree this year! In fact, yesterday we took this down and I've decided a real tree once in my life is plenty. Next year, it's back to our pre-lit fake tree!

Ate 100 wings. This is about the time people started to notice I wasn't drinking. Oops - need to be more creative!

My brother and I schemed to plan his flight home for Christmas. My mom had no idea!

Johnny perfected his wood burning skills for a few Christmas presents.

This year we had Christmas lunch at our house. Mashed potatoes, corn casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, ham and walnuts (I think this is Johnny's new Xmas specialty!) and lots of cookies and dips! It was a great day!

I'll post some New Year's Resolution's tomorrow!


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