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Lately, life has been really busy. I've always been a busy body and unable to just...relax, but lately it seems I can't finish anything and am all over and anxious. Picture this: a whole weekend ahead of you with lots to get done and you can't seem to finish one task and go on to the next, instead you start the dishes, give the baby a bottle and end up watching recorded shows on DVR,  then remember you need to make your lunch for the next day, etc.. It goes on and on, I'm sure it sounds pathetic (ok, it does) but I need to figure out what I want/need to do and how/when to do it without feeling anxious or overwhelmed in an efficient manner. In my work and personal life, this is something I need to work on and will be thinking of ways to work smarter/faster/better so I have time to relax! Sigh.

Alright, people - our daughter turned 4 months old this weekend. You're shocked and can't believe where the time went, I know. Lately, she's started babbling and giggl…

Celebrating 3 years!

Last week Johnny and I celebrated our third anniversary.

You hear it all the time, but let me say it again: time goes SO fast! I can't believe it! We have our days, but I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did yesterday. You know that song "I thought I loved you then" by Brad Paisley, how's it go (please excuse me for some mushy-ness)...

"Now you're my whole life now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl (substitute "girl" for ummm boy? you get the point)
Like a river meets the sea
Stronger than it's ever been
We've come so far since that day
And I thought I loved you then."

To remember our anniversary, we went to Potosi, Wisconsin today. First, we went through Milville and took a ferry across the river into Cassville...

The ferry ride was about 20 minutes, and I instantly felt sea sick - such an odd feeling being in your car on the water.

After the ferry ride we drove into Poto…

Back to work and BIG thoughts.

Right after I wrote the title, I spilled my beer. Don't worry, it's all taken care of now.

Anyways, I went back to work a week ago! It's been pretty good, to be honest. Somedays I will start to miss Roslynne in the middle of the day, which kind of stinks, but I remind myself how bored I was on maternity leave!

Here's my typical day lately: Wake up around 4:45 am to work out, I decided to start hitting the gym in the morning so I can see the babe at night. I've actually been able to keep this up and think I'm getting used to the early mornings. I come home by 5:45 to shower and get ready for work and get the bubs (are you enjoying all the various names I have for Roslynne?) ready for her day! While I shower, Johnny is usually in bed giving her a bottle and playing with her. "Getting her ready" consists of putting her in the cutest clothes ever, I'm starting to think I have an issue with buying baby clothes. Then I make a quick breakfast, put it in…

Nursery Tour

Here is Roslynne's nursery tour!

Let's just be honest, her room was a disaster before we started remodeling:

Painting primer around all that junk. Gross. Notice those windows above (old. boo.) and below (new!)
New windows and floors re-done! Shall we give some props to Johnny?
It was basically an extra room that we used to dump stuff that we didn't have a place for, needless to say, it took a long time to get rid of all of that stuff and find homes for the stuff we wanted to keep! I believe one weekend we were watching something on HGTV and saw wainscoting, Johnny said he thought he could make his own for her room. So, first off I painted the room the coffee color you see there and months later (after ripping out her closet and completely re-doing it AND putting in new windows, the wainscoting was put in!)

Now for the fun part. First up, the crib:
On St. Patrick's day 2011, I traveled to an Amish community with my mother and sister in law and we found this beauty way …

Roslynne at 2 months

The number 3 is a lucky number for our family! Roslynne was born July 3rd, my birthday is September 3rd, and Johnny and I were married October 3rd!

So, on my birthday my baby turned 2 months old (9 weeks!). I can't believe it. This also means I only have about a week and a half before I return to work and she is shipped off to daycare. I am excited for her to get some interaction with some other babes, I just hope she doesn't catch a bug for a while!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday by going golfing with my cousins, we stopped to take a golf cart picture:
 We also went golfing last year on my birthday, I really enjoy it! We hope to become members at our golf club again next year, we took a break this summer -so I cannot wait to start up again!

The next day we went to the Wapsipinicon State Park for a walk, and well this park didn't have good walking areas like I thought! Luckily it wasn't too busy with vehicles. We headed up a hill that seemed to never end, but a…

One year of blogging!

I just realized this last week that I've been blogging for a year, because I did this race again yesterday and it was my first post! I'm not sure that biking 30 miles after having a baby almost 8 weeks ago was my best idea ever, but it was still a beautiful morning to be out:

I rode out of town by myself and met up with my niece half way, she sure made the time fly by telling me all sorts of stories:

We also had this conversation:
Cassidy: "Oh, look! We've caught up to some walkers!"
Me: "No, I think those are mailboxes"
Cassidy: "Those are people, NOT mailboxes!"
Me: "I dont know, are you sure?"

Yes, they were people

When we got closer:
Me: "Hey! Those mailboxes are people!"

She didn't think it was all that funny

Later in the day we met with my family at Happy Joe's for lunch and mom took little Roz for the afternoon so Johnny and I could go play some flag football! We met his friends at the football field and played…

Pee. Poop. Puke. 1 MONTH!

Someone is almost 6 weeks and she's perfected her pooping skills very well these days. She likes to give us blow out diapers at 3 am. Below are some pictures my mom took of her on her 1 month birthday:

She's super cranky at the moment, luckily Johnny is pretty good at consoling her when she's like that. Photos from the shower Megan hosted:

Better help this crazy baby!