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Better make this quick!

My computer keeps shutting off as it pleases - so we'll see if I'm able to publish this post!

Today I ran in a first time trail run in Anamosa in the Wapsipinicon State Park. One word to describe how I felt the whole time: horrible. There was more hills than flat running area, it was just rough. My mom came along to take some pictures:

The pictures make it look as if it was a beautiful fall day - don't be deceived! Hehe - it was pretty, just kind of windy and cold. Johnny had suggested going to Zio Johno's after the race, so when we had about a half mile left Laura and I started chanting "pasta, cheese, desserts!" over and over - it seemed to work for a while (not really).

Here are some pictures of the last week:

This "Russ" sign is a painting I started last night, I'll slowly keep adding to it. This is what I have so far and will post an updated picture as I get more done.

The other photos I was trying to post aren't loading!

Tomorrow night I…