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Pumpkins, anyone?

Saturday afternoon I went along to the pumpkin farm with Rachel, Zeb, Caleb, Holly, Josh and Lily - it was quite the trip! Below, I made a collage of the day - it was fun but exhausting! Holly, Rachel and I agreed next time we'll pick easier pumpkins and template to carve. I'm not kidding when I say it feels like I was in an accident yesterday, because I was leaning over that darn pumpkin for what feels like 3 hours carving!

Later that night we watched the guys play in their band and actually last the WHOLE night! This morning we went to breakfast and then I went shopping with my mom. She found some good stuff at Kohl's, while asking every five minutes: "Ok, I like this - but now, what do you think I should wear under it? Something like what I have on? I just never know." Oh, mom - no matter what you wear I'll still love you, even IF it's tennis shoes and a dress shirt! 
Yesterday, in no time at all, I lost two hours on Pinterest. I couldn't stop lookin…