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Ya gotta have patience, man.

Let me start this post by talking about my afternoon. First of all, why would anyone ever thing doing a "popcorn" ceiling was a good idea? Hmmm? Maybe ours was just faulty. 
This afternoon I decided to continue using the brown-ish paint to paint our front entry way. It's a tiny spot, so I figured it would take an hour, two tops. Before I started, Johnny mentioned painting the ceiling because it did look pretty bad. So, I set out painting the ceiling and started to noticed little paint balls were coming off EVERYWHERE. I was so annoyed and didn't even snap a picture. At one point, I realized there was a bare spot on the ceiling from all the little balls coming off. I knew Johnny had his hole filling scraper thing in the other room, so I ran to get it (of course before laying out a towel, sort of) and the ceiling junk came off with barely ANY effort at all! I had globs of little painty balls all over the floor, but it was really kind of satisfying peeling the ceiling of…